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If you are interested in more details about the market or want to know more about how to become a vendor contact:

ABQ Uptown Growers Market Manager
Victor 'John' Lewis

More information on how to become vendor.

Click for directions to the market.

Tuesday Market opens at Presbyterian June 7 and runs through October 27 from 7AM to Noon.

Saturday Market opens at ABQ Uptown June 4 and runs through October 29 from 7AM to Noon.

The Saturday market is located in the Northeast corner of ABQ Uptown parking lot. This is the parking lot off of Uptown Loop Rd. ABQ Uptown is the ultimate destination in New Mexico for upscale fashion, home furnishings, entertainment and dining and the perfect place to shop, walk, and eat in a just-right, outdoor environment.

The Tuesday market is located in the 9521 San Mateo Blvd NE , at the Presbyterian Administration Building.

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