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Click to download larger, printable harvest calendar. (PDF - 1.1MB)


Where can I get more information about New Mexico Farmers' Markets?
There is more extensive information on the NM Farmers Market Association website: www.farmersmarketsnm.org

What produce is available?
The growers' market offers a selection of seasonal fruits and vegetables. The harvest calendar will tell you what is in season so you can plan your shopping. Click to download larger, printable harvest calendar. (PDF - 1.1MB)

Do vendors take credit cards or checks?
That is up to each individual vendor. Many of them take checks. A few take credit cards. Many vendors take WIC and Senior Program farmers market nutrition checks.

Do vendors take EBT and Debit?
Yes - the market started accepting EBT and Debit during the 2011 season.

Where can I find parking and how much will it cost?
There is ample free parking right next to the growers' market location.

Is the market wheelchair accessible? Are there wheelchairs available?
Yes. The market is in a large parking lot and wheelchairs can easily maneuver into the market and around the market. Handicapped parking is easily accessible.

Are there ATM machines on the property?
There is a Wells Fargo ATM approximately 100 feet from the market and within 1 mile several banks including NM Educators Federal Credit Union, First Community, Bank of America and Bank of Albuquerque.

Is the market open when it rains?
The market will be open and most vendors will stay through if it is only a light rain. Heavy rain and thunderstorms may create a safety situation that closes the market.

Is my pet allowed in the market?
Pets are welcome if they are on a leash and well behaved. Owners are responsible for their pets and must not leave them unattended.

Does the Market have a Lost & Found? Where is it?
The market has a lost and found. Locate the market manager to inquire about lost items.

How do I rent space at Farmers Market?
Please refer to the vendor information page.

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