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Forms and Information

2014-2016 Farmer's Agreement for the New Mexico Department of Health for Accepting WIC checks. All farmers who wish to take WIC checks must be registered at our makets. Farmers please print the form, fill out the first 2 pages and send them to me along with your application, signed rules and regulations and season fee if paying for the season. Keep the remaining pages for your reference and records. Farmers re-registering please use the WIC number you always have used, no matter which market you originally registered.

    -   2014-2016 Farmers' Agreement (PDF)

ABQ Uptown Growers' Market Forms and Information

    -   Application (PDF)

    -   Information for Vendors (PDF)

    -   Rules and Regulations (PDF)

City Of Albuquerque Forms for Food Vendor Permits. The City of Albuquerque Environmental Health Department regulates all food sold within the city limits. A permit is required to be a food vendor. There are 3 different permit applications. Please choose the one or more that fits the products you wish to sell.

Application for raw produce and raw honey
    -   This permit is $15.00 for raw produce or raw honey only

Application for processed food, eggs, meat, cheese etc
    -   This permit is $50.00 for eggs, meats, seafood, cheese, baked goods, honey that is whipped, flavored or anything other than raw, and other processed food.

These first two permits are good at any or all of the markets in the city. You will still need approval from the market manager to participate, but just 1 permit is required.

Application to temporarily sell hot food or other ready to eat food (PDF)
    -   This permit is for food that is cooked at the market or prepared in an inspected commercial kitchen, and brought to the market either hot or cold. This permit is $25.00 and is good for 2 weeks.

For questions on which type of application to use please contact market manager.

    -   Please read and follow all pertinent sections such as fire department, hand washing and trash receptacle requirements.

Fire Department Floor Plans

If you are using just one space please set up under one of the fire marshal's pre-approved floor plans for your canopy. The pre-approved floor plans are available on the link below. If you use one of the pre-approved plans you need to do nothing.

    -   Pre-Approved Tent Floor Plans (JPG)

If using a floor plan different from the preapproved plans, 2 or more canopies or a heat source, please fill out the form below, draw your site plan on the last page and send it to me to forward to the fire marshal. There is no extra charge if you can do this electronically. If you can not send the form in an e-mail or as an e-mail attachment send me the filled out form and drawing through the mail with a $20.00 fee and we will do it for you.

    -   Tent Floor Plan Application (PDF)

Arts and crafts must be approved by market management and require a City of Albuquerque Buiness License.

If you have any further questions please contact the market manager.

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